SMCC Discussion Forums



·         To use the SMCC Discussion Forums, you must log into the website.

·         To attach an image to a topic, that image must be in the Image Library.  To see or add images in the image library, please see Website Quick Tip #2: Using My Image Library

·         If you would like to receive notifications, you will need an email address associated with your account.

Access Discussion Forums and Topics:

1.       Click on Resources -> Discussion Forums

2.       We recommend that you deselect the box for Include Global Forums that are shared between all organizations.

3.       Find the Discussion Forum you would like to access.

-          To follow all topics in the discussion forum, click on the Subscribe button to the right of the forum name.  There are three option for following the forum.

a.       Subscribe – If checked, you will be notified when new topics in the forum.

b.       Send Content of Posts – If checked, the contents of the posts will be included in the email

c.       Notify me only when new topics are created – check this if you do not want to receive notifications for replies to existing topics.

d.       Click on Save Changes.

4.       Click on the View Topics button under the Forum Name.

5.       You will be presented with a list of topics in the forum.

-          If you see a topic that you want to follow, click on the Edit Subscription button next to the topic. There are two options here

a.       If the Subscribe button is checked, you will receive notifications from this topic.

b.       If the Send content of posts is checked, the content of the new posting (reply) will be included in the email.

c.       Click on Save Changes

6.       To view any topic in the forum, find the topic and click on View Topic

Adding, Replying, and Deleting Topics

To Add a Topic:

1.       Access the forum you want to add a topic to

2.       Click on Create new Topic

3.       Give the Topic a title, such as Seeking feedback for MyPerfectImage.jpg

4.       In the message area, give any details that are relevant, such as what type of feedback are you looking for, what areas of the image worry you, or any general questions.

5.       Top attach an image to the post, click on Pick an image

6.       You will be presented with a, Image Search window.  The Image Search will show you images that are in your Image Library.  To see all images, click on Search for Images

7.       Select the image you want to attach to the post.  Note: you can only attach one image to the post.

8.       Click on Finished Marking Desired Images

9.       Click on Post

To Reply to a topic:

1.       When you are in the post you would like to Reply to, there is a button labeled Create Reply.  Click this button.

2.       Replying to a post follows the same steps as Adding Topic.


To Delete a Topic

As the post owner, you can delete any post that you created.  Simply click on the Delete this Posting button to the left of the post title.

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