Science Museum Camera Club

Candidate Image Submission for NFRCC vs OCCC and PSA Competitions


Two competitions were created so that members can submit candidate images for the 2020 NFRCC vs OCCC competition and the PSA competitions.  Uploading is the same as uploading to a competition, except you will need to set the category for each image.

1)      Log into the website

2)      Click on Competitions -> Submit images to a Competition

3)      Click on Select in front of the competition that you are submitting images to.

4)      Click on Upload Images into the Competition

5)      Click on Select

6)      Browse to where the images are located.  Select the Images to be entered and click on Open

7)      After the system finishes reading the files, click on Save Images and Proceed to Edit Page

8)      This is where it is different.  For each I mage, there is a box labeled Select a Competition Level.  For each image, select the correct subject for the image.

9)      When finished, click on Save any changes and return to the original page.

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