Using My Image Library


All users of the SMCC website have access to a private image library.  This library is created along with the account.  The library is used to store images that the member has in competition or a gallery.  The maximum size for an image in the library is 3840 x 2160 Pixels and no larger than 10 MB.  The system also detects duplicate images and will not upload the duplicates into the library.  Any image that is in the Image Library longer than three months and that image is in a competition or gallery shall be automatically deleted.

Accessing the Image Library

1)      If you are not logged into the website, login using your username and password

2)      Click on My Account -> My Image Library

Adding Images to the Library

1)      In the My Image Library window, click on Upload Images

2)      Click on Select

3)      Browse to the appropriate folder on the system.  Select one or more images for upload into the system and then click on Open

4)      Once the images are uploaded, click on Save Images and Proceed to Edit Page

5)      The Edit New Images window will appear.  For each Image:

a.       Title – By default, the title will be the name of the image file without the extension.  If desired, change the title to what you would like it to be.  Note: you cannot have duplicate titles in your Image Library

b.       If you wish to check the spelling of the Title, click on Spell Check

c.       Genuine Wildlife – If your image falls under the PSA definition of Genuine Wildlife, you can click this button

d.       Allow Public Display – When this is checked, the public will be able to see the image when it is in a gallery or competition

e.       Author’s Image Id – This is an optional field that will allow you to help identify the image in your personal collection.  For example, I enter the filename of the image as it comes out of the camera so that I can easily find it in the future

f.        Repeat for all images in the list

g.       Click on Save any changes and return to the original page

Viewing Images in My Image Library

1)      If you wish to view all images in your Image Library, click on Display all Images

2)      If you wish to view all images loaded in the last 30 days, click on Display Recent Uploads

3)      If you wish to narrow down the images displayed, use the Search Criteria fields and click on Search for Images

Deleting Images in My Image Library

1)      Bring up the list of images in your library.  Verify that the Image you wish to delete is showing in the list of images

2)      Find the Delete checkbox next to the image you would like removed from your library and click on it

3)      When finished selecting the images for deletion, click on Save Changes

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