2020 - 2021 McKellar Submissions


Club Standings:

McKellar #1

SMCC Scores
Bartolotta, Charles     "Big Daddy"                     30(HA)
Hayward, Jeffrey        "Long-legged Fly"            29(HA)
Mathewson, Nora      "Wolf with cubs"               28(HA)
Bartolotta, Claudia     "Two Wolves"                    27(HA)
Kowal-Bukata, Esther "Cape May Warbler"         27(HA)
Schwartz, Willis          "Burrowing Owl Couple"  25

Judges Comments:
Charles Bartolotta: you can see emotion; great use of the lighting
Nora Mathewson: great photo, would also like to see a close up with mom and one cub
Esther Kowal-Bukata: Strong image, felt it would be stronger if cropped in from right and left
Jeffrey Hayward: memoriable 

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