September 5, 2018 Welcome Back

Mary Lou will talk about Essays to increase interest and motivation. A few examples could be shown. -Major aim is to help newcomers. Basic preparation on how to upload onto the website. Mike Dziak will give a 15 min. presentation on mounting prints. - Make new members aware that they can submit 8x10 prints which are - judged first in competitions.

September 19, 2018 Mike Dziak: “Flash Photography”

"Using your Portable Flash” How to use your portable speed light to get natural looking flash photos in a variety of circumstances.   The use of variable fill flash, hi-speed sync, and when and how to use bounce flash will be discussed.  Accessories to modify the quality of light from your flash such as snoots, bounce cards, diffusers will be shown and discussed with when and how to use them appropriately.

October 17, 2018 Dave Valvo: “How to Improve your Photography"

Discuss the three major factors that make good images; Impact, technical excellence and composition. I'll take you out into the Museum with me on a photo shoot (In the lecture hall) and show you how to get that Impact!

November 21, 2018 Members Night

members will submit up to three images and we will discuss and critique as a group.

December 19, 2018 Holiday Party, Mary Lou Frost: “International Year of the Reef”

January 16, 2019 Keith Burkard: “Night Photography”

Don't put your camera away when the sun goes down. Some ins and outs of low light/ night Photography and the equipment you may need.

February 20, 2019 Donna Brok: “Things to Consider When Photographing Wildlife”

The key to wildlife photography is the patience and time put into learning where and when to find it. No one is going to tell you how to become a better photographer, but you can learn tips to make your shots turn out better.

March 20, 2019 E. Thomas Smith Nature Competition

April 17, 2019 Gerri Jones: “Creating Food and Still Life Images in a Small Home Studio with Natural Light”.

Focus will be on food photography and still life using a small space in your home with natural window light. Regular lenses and the creative use of Lensbaby lenses will be highlighted

May 15, 2019 Award Banquet

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