2022-2023 Golden Horseshoe Competition Final

The SMCC Club has participated in the NFRCC Golden Horseshoe Competition for a number of years. This year, the SMCC tied for third place with the South Towns Camera Club. 

First Place Club was Niagara Falls Camera Club

Second Place Club was Trillium Photographic Society

Title Maker Score Award
Perched female Ruby Throated Hummingbird 3 Jennifer Haley-Lupp 27 HM
Aquarium Palais des Arts et Science David Braitsch 25 HM
GC-9490web- Kathy Fenna 24 HM
Northern Harrier Just flying by Larry Mathewson 24 HM
Goodbye Tom Kredo 25 HM
success Gerry Fenclau 26 HM
Peregrine Falcon Nora Mathewson 24 HM
Wasp on Virginia Mountain Mint Jeffrey Hayward 26 HM
02 Reddish Egret - White Morph Willis Schwartz 24 HM
Where Are You Going Tom Kerr 21
gray wolfin wild garden BW MaryLou Frost 21
Smooth Landing Michelle Turner 22
good looking guy Kevin FLINT 22
Study Hall #3 (19164424) Charles Bartolotta 20
Triple Treats Acroos The Street Ernesto Yu 23
Moody Night At Peace Bridge Gerri Jones 22
Raspberry Kindness Sharon Dentice 22
Rust Assignment Patty Terranova 21
Sunshine Daydream Cheryl Belczak 22

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