"Get Acquainted" Holiday Party Project

Because of “Social Distancing,” we cannot meet the new members.  To overcome this disadvantage, we are going to create an opportunity share our photography, introduce, or reintroduce, ourselves and pass on a holiday greeting.  How will we do this?  Here’s the idea. 
At our virtual Holiday Party, in addition to our usual Dorothy Ralph Photo Essay Contest, we are asking everyone to submit a greeting card which features your photography and a brief holiday wish.  In addition, we ask that you submit an image of your portrait…a picture which is easily recognizable as you.  If you need help in assembling the parts, attach the images and the text and send them to mlfrost@verizon.net.

Here is one example.  Yours should reflect your personal ideas.

Mary Lou's Get Acquainted Card Example


How to Create the Get Acquainted Card



Adding Text Tutorial

Instructions on Adding Text to the Get Acquainted Card

Adding Text to the Card - Photoshop.pdf

Adding Text to the Card - Photoshop Elements.pdf


Adding a Stoke around an Image

Stroke_Double Stroke 2017.pdf


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